Pet Distractions

You are driving, when suddenly your dog jumps out from behind the back seat. The friendly, affectionate, loving look melts your heart, and you start petting him. He happily barks, then squirms around in your lap. You look down to put him in a comfortable spot and do not see the road curving in front of you until you hit the side rail.

Pet distractions are the ones caused by animals in a vehicle that divert a driver's attention from the road. According to a study done by Kurgo and AAA, 64% of drivers have admitted to being engaged in a pet-related activity in their vehicle, and 29% of drivers have actually admitted to being distracted by their pets while driving. Pets are also serious dangers on the road because during a 30 mph crash, an 80 lb. dog would carry the force of a 2,400-pound projectile ("Dog Travel Statistics", 2011).

Pets love their owners and hate to be without them, but drivers need to keep their focus on the road instead of their pets in order to avoid car crashes, fatal injuries, near-miss hits, death to themselves, others (passengers and people in other vehicles), and their pets. In order to prevent distractions by pets while driving, drivers can restrain their pets using a pet bed, dog seat belts, or a pet carrier. Your best friend wants you to arrive alive.


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