Phone Distractions

Ring! Ring! Most of us hear this noise every day, but few of us think of the dangers of this sound. What is this sound? This is the sound of a ringing phone, and it is one of many distractions that we face on the roads. Cell phone distractions are very common on the road. According to, in a poll in 2014, 39 percent of drivers admitted to using a cell phone while driving, and 44 percent admitted to using a Bluetooth connected phone. This leaves a measly 17 percent that reported to not using cell phones while driving ("", 2014).

There are three categories of driving distractions.

Cell phone use while driving is literally a triple threat. Cell phones visually distract drivers by forcing them to look at the screen or keypad. A cell phone cognitively distracts drivers by making them think about and process words and messages. Pressing buttons on the phone or using a touchscreen manually distracts drivers. This puts cell phone use into all three categories (Hamilton, 2011). 


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